Liz Watkins

Summary of Qualifications

AA – Video Production, Pensacola Junior College 1984, BA – Communication Arts, University of West FL 1987

1983-1987 – Studio and Field Camera, Audio, Floor Manager, CG Operator – WSRE-TV, PBS, Pensacola, FL.

At age 18 began career working every aspect of production in the studio, EFP and in a 40ft Production Truck.

Weekly shows included; Gourmet Cooking with Earl Peyroux, Garden Magic, Open Forum, Outdoors with Andy, High School Football, College Basketball

-1987-1995 Producer/Director/Editor – WSRE-TV, PBS, Pensacola, FL
-Directed weekly live and taped shows
-Assigned Producer/Director of Gourmet Cooking with Earl Peyroux (distributed throughout PBS.)
-Shot and edited several programs in the field; Garden Magic, PJC Today, UpLink with Russ Minshew.
-Directed live pledge breaks.
-TV Production Instructor for PJC 1991-Present – Owner & Operator Watkins Productions..
-Purchased Betacam SP, Audio Gear and Lights while still working at WSRE to begin freelance career.
-In 1993 was hired on a continuous basis by several tabloid programs.
-Became the go to EFP company in NWFL, South Alabama and Mississippi.
-In 1995 resigned from WSRE-TV.
-1995-2006, shot video for all networks and Production Companies around the world in the Southeast US.
-March 2006 – October 2011, retired from actively working in the field.
-October 2011, “Pearl Harbor, One Last Goodbye” brought me out of retirement.

Contact Info

Voice: 0850 516-1380
Fax: 1-866-920-4725

Documentary (2011-2012)

"Pearl Harbor Survivors – One Last Goodbye"

Six men who survived Pearl Harbor were interviewed and documented in Pensacola, FL. Our crew flew with these men to Pearl Harbor for the 70th Anniversary on December 7, 2011.

Ranging in age from 89-92, these vibrant men gave “One Last Goodbye” to their fallen friends.

Past Productions

Earth Action”


Watkins Productions directed, filmed and edited 5 episodes. “Earth Action” was funded by grants from Earth Ethics.
The series stars Christian Wagley, a local celebrity and will provide viewers with solid solutions to some of our biggest environmental problems.
The five episodes are:
Building Better Communities, Global Climate Change and You, What’s Happening to our Beaches, Local Food and the Environment, Energy and You.
To view the series go to Earth Ethics


The Lost Island Perdido Key”


The Lost Island Perdido Key explores the connections between human growth and development, habitat loss and species endangerment along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Director, Camera, Editor. Funded by the FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

Awards: 2 Telly’s, Communicator Aurora,DV Awards and Telluride Indie-Fest Winner.


The Life and Times of Trader Jon”


This self-produced 53 minute program profiles Martin Weissman, aka Trader Jon, and his popular drinking establishment, which he opened in 1953 in Pensacola, FL. Trader Jon’s life and times were defined by his dedication to the preservation of the impact military aviation has had on our society. Trader’s pub and Blue Angel Museum housed one of the largest collections of military and astronaut memorabilia collections, all given to Trader by thousands of friends.


Funded by Watkins Productions

Videography Awards: Award of Distinction


TT Wentworth, A Gift of a Lifetime”


This half-hour program documents Tom Wentworth’s enormous contribution to Pensacola History. Wentworth amassed an vast collection of 10,000 artifacts and later donated the entire collection to the State Museum that now bears his name.



Cuba, Castro and Christianity”


Our documentary crew continued the exploration of Liberation Theology in Cuba led by communist dictator Fidel Castro. We visited with Fidel Castro for 2.5 hrs and were under 24-hour surveillance.

Taped on location in Cuba and Miami.

Field Director/Camera, University of West Florida, Communication Arts 28:30

Religion and Revolution in Nicaragua”


Exploration of Liberation Theology in this war-torn country led by Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega. The documentary team secured the only interview given by Cardinal Obando Y Bravo in two years. Liz Watkins was detained and interrogated by the Sandinista’s.

Taped on location in Nicaragua, Washington DC and Miami.

Field Director/Camera, University of West Florida, Communication Arts, 55:00.

Television Series Credits:

“Resource Rangers” (2002-2006),

“Eazy Dive” (1998-2000),

“Uplink with Russ Minshew” (1991-1993),

“Open Forum with Sherlee Aronson” (1988-1995)

“Gourmet Cooking with Chef Earl Peyroux” (1982-98, distributed through PBS)


Non-Broadcast & Training Videos/DVD’s

James Carter Studios – Introduction to Jewelry Making, 2011

The Senior Gospel Choir of St. Joseph Church, 2000


“An Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician’s Guide to a Chemical Accident/Incident Response & An Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician’s Guide to Leak Seal and Package

Taped on location at Eglin AFB, Ft. Walton, FL, DOD funded

Field Director/Camera/Editor, 2000


Communication Systems and Blade Repairs

Training video on USAF KC 130’s and C5’s.

Taped on location in Spokane, WA, Sacramento, CA, Charleston, SC and Dover, DE, DOD funded.

Field Director/Camera/Editor, 2001


“ROTC Leadership”

Twenty-three scenarios instructed NJROTC members on how to become a proper leader.

Field Director/Camera/Editor, 1994-95


English as a Second Language

This multi-million-dollar project was produced for ESOL teachers in Florida by the FL . Department of Education. Taped on location throughout the entire State of FLorida.

Camera, 1993-94

Parents are Powerful

Assisted instructors in teaching drug education in the school system. USDE funded

Field Director/Camera, 1988-90