Earth Action

One of the more exciting projects Watkins Productions has cooking is the new video series “Earth Action” which is being funded through grants obtained by Earth Ethics, Inc. Earth Ethics, Inc was created to address isues along the Gulf Coast, specific to Northwest Florida and the Counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, and Bay.

Earth Ethics primary focus are issues and concerns related to the environment, outreach and education, sustainable practices that include land use planning design and living a normal life while reducing your carbon footprint. The majority of their projects are funded through grants or donations.

This new series stars Christian Wagley, a local Pensacola celebrity, and will provide viewers with solid solutions to some of our biggest environmental problems.

A few of the episodes planned are as follows:

Building Better Communities
Visit local neighborhoods that showcase healthier, more environmentally-friendly ways of living. See how residents can walk or ride a bicycle to meet many of their daily needs, visit community gardens and parks that provide local food and recreation, and learn how traditional architecture and neighborhood design save energy and resources.

Global Climate Change and You
A summary of the science behind climate change and the predicted impacts on northwest Florida; visit beaches and wetlands altered by sea level rise, learn how nature responds to climate change, and find out more about ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

What’s Happening to our Beaches?
While humans often get worried when they see our beaches erode and change, we must understand that our beaches have been in flux for thousands of years and in fact must shift and move in order to be healthy. Learn more about the natural processes of erosion and accretion, how barrier islands “roll” over themselves to survive a rising sea, and how hurricanes actually benefit beaches and barrier islands.

Green Building
Green building is the fastest-growing and most dynamic part of today’s building industry. As the cost of energy and and concerns about natural resources rise, many designers and builders are creating buildings that use less energy and water and are healthier for the occupants. We’ll visit green homes and buildings where residents and employees are enjoying the health, comfort, and energy-efficiency that come from building green.

Local Food and the Environment
Where does the food we eat come from? Locally-grown and harvested foods help connect us to our local region, support our local economy, and need less energy to get to our table. Visit local farmers and fishermen and sit down with a group of friends as they enjoy a delicious and healthy meal featuring local foods.

Energy and You
Take a trip though a typical day to learn where we use the most energy in our daily lives. See how the energy we use is produced; learn where it comes from, the environmental impacts, and how alternative forms of energy offer the promise of a clean energy future.

More information about Earth Ethics

For more information about Earth Ethics, Inc and how you can help please visit their site