Pearl Harbor "One Last Goodbye"

Starting in June of 2011 Liz Watkins, along with founder Holly Shelton and co-founder retired Lt. Colonel Bill Phillips worked tirelessly organizing and raising funds for 6 Pensacola Fl. area Pearl Harbor survivors to return to Pearl for the 70th anniversary of the attack. After funds were raised and donations were gathered this one time initiative was able to make the dream of these heros from the “greatest generation” to say one last goodbye to thier fallen comrades come true. Along with 12 support personel Watkins Productions accompanied these men and documented the entire trip.

Watkins Productions started production on this project soon after Holly Shelton welcomed Liz aboard by shadowing these veterans to fundraising functions and documenting thier efforts. Sit down interviews were shot with these men reliving the nightmare of the surprise attack along with recounts of other war experiences. Watkins Productions has completed this important record of history and the compelling stories of these veterans. You may purchase your copy of Pearl Harbor, “One Last Goodbye.” through the PayPal link below.

Featured in ProLighting Space

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